WorkshopThe importance of trait variation for the dynamics of ecological systems

07. Mai 2012 bis 09. Mai 2012

7.-9. Mai und 25./26. Juni 2012, Potsdam

Ecologically oriented climate change research aims to understand how ecological systems are directly or indireclty influenced by factors affected by climate change in order to be able to forecast responses to the anticipated future climate change. The negative effects of biodiversity loss and climate change may reinforce each other since more diverse ecological systems are likely to have a larger potential to adjust to altered conditions. However, research on biodiversity loss and climate change is conducted largely independent from each other so far.

With this workshop we want to promote a merge of research on biodiversity and gloabal change effects. In particular, we want to focus on how to incorporate the naturally occurring functional diversity when conducting experiments and in management and forecast models. This will strongly improve our predictive power to forecast the response of complex ecological systems to the anticipated global changes.