3rd Pan European IPBES Stakeholder Consultation (PESC-3) - Programme


(status 8th of June, 2016)

Thematic key areas

1. Information and capacity building

Knowledge on the current developments in and around IPBES and a thorough understanding of their backgrounds and frameworks are a prerequisite for engaging in IPBES processes. PESC-3 will provide the participants with comprehensive information on these aspects. A specially tailored 'newcomer session' prior to the general opening of PESC-3 will allow those who have just started to engage with IPBES to catch up on the relevant information. This will greatly facilitate the discussions during the meeting and the reviewing of IPBES draft documents

2. ECA assessment

PESC-3 will spotlight the regional assessment for Europe and Central Asia (ECA assessment), as its geographic scope covers those countries in which the PESC community resides. Participants are invited to review the individual chapters of the first order draft (FOD) in detail and to explore capacity-building needs in the region, as well as ways to address them. To complete the picture, the interrelations between the ECA assessment and the IPBES global assessment, as well as to the upcoming Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 (GBO5) will be discussed. For an effective uptake of its results by the ECA expert group and other IPBES bodies, PESC-3 is scheduled during the ECA assessment's open review phase (June-July 2016).

3. Stakeholder Engagement

PESC-3 aims at strengthening the IPBES stakeholder engagement within the ECA region. To this end, participants will be updated on the latest developments regarding the IPBES stakeholder engagement strategy and informed about existing networking initiatives. Furthermore, some specific barriers for participation and ways to overcome these will be addressed. An exchange of ideas on these issues and further possibilities to strengthen the network and engagement of IPBES stakeholders across the ECA region is expected to lend support to existing initiatives and to facilitate the commencement of new ones.


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