Documentation of the 4th Pan European IPBES Stakeholder Consultation (PESC-4)

Bringing together biodiversity stakeholders from Europe and Central Asia in support of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services bottom-up contribution of European and Central Asian experts to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

12th - 14th June 2016

Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Vácrátót, Hungary

PESC-4 participants in the Botanical Garden of Vacratot

Report & Programme

PDF iconPesc-4 Report

PDF iconPESC-4 Programme


Day 1: Monday 12 June
PDF iconWelcome and Hungary in IPBES (András Báldi, MTA-ÖK)

PDF iconIntroduction to IPBES (Felice van der Plaat, IPBES Secretariat)

Day 2: Tuesday 13 June

PDF iconIntegrating indigenous and local knowledge in biodiversity assessments: challenges and opportunities (Axel Paulsch, Institute for Biodiversity ibn, and Katja Heubach, GIZ)

PDF iconIPBES and stakeholder engagement (Rob Spaull, IPBES and Laurence Perianin, IUCN, Gland)

Day 3: Wednesday 14 June

PDF iconFacilitating the uptake of IPBES pollination assessment: BES-net trialogue in Eastern Europe (Solene LeDoze, UNDP/BES-Net)

PDF iconFacilitating the uptake of IPBES pollination assessment: the Coalition of the Willing for Pollinators (Astrid Hilgers, Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs)

PDF iconHow can a country engage fully in the IPBES process: insights from science and policy stakeholders in Hungary (Ildikó Mándics, Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary & Katalin Török, MTA-ÖK)

PDF iconThe Nordic assessment of coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: a subregional study inspired by the broader IPBES context (Cecilia Lindblad, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency)

PDF iconThe forthcoming BiodivERsA/Belmont Forum Call on biodiversity scenarios: a contribution to fill the knowledge gaps identified by IPBES (Frédéric Lemaître, BiodiVERsA)

PDF iconEKLIPSE: first results of a European IPBES-like initiative (Zoi Konstantinou, University of Porto)

PDF iconThe ECA-network: an opportunity to engage with IPBES at the regional level (Angélique Berhault, Belgian Biodiversity Platform)

Closing (Kristina Raab, NeFo; Agnès Hallosserie, FRB; Katalin Török, MTA-ÖK)



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PESC-4 Hungary Group Pic
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Stakeholder Discussions
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Photo: Olesya Petrovitch