Vanesa Rodríguez Osuna

Universität Bonn

beteiligt am regionalen and subregionalen Assessment für die Region Amerika (2b), am Scopingprozess beteiligt


Vanesa Rodríguez Osuna

Was ist Ihr fachlicher Hintergrund?

I am an environmental engineer. My work relates to the sustainable use of biodiversity, integrated land and water management, environmental and economic assessment of ecosystem services, alternative markets and environmental policy.

Was hat sie bewogen, sich an IPBES zu beteiligen?

Since I work with scientists, conservation practitioners, private companies and governmental bodies, I am used to work with colleagues of different disciplines at different levels. Therefore, I perceived being part of the IPBES process ideal for collaborating with colleagues that work in a more praxis and policy relevant research context.

Was machen Sie bei IPBES genau?

I was invited as expert in the scoping process for the regional and subregional assessments (Deliverable 2b) for the Americas region. Together with 21 experts of this region, we produced a scoping report defining policy relevant questions to be addressed for this region, later approved by the third IPBES Plenary in January 2015. I want to continue this work in the coming regional and subregional assessment for the Americas region.

Wie lässt sich Ihr Engagement in IPBES mit Ihrem Arbeitsalltag verknüpfen?

I am involved in some projects in Latin America, where - as far as possible - I contribute to strengthen the relevance of science to support policy makers and other knowledge users related to biodiversity and ecosystem services. Personally, my involvement in IPBES led to several future cooperation opportunities. The scoping process took one intensive week of workshop in Paris. Later, we commented several draft versions until we obtained the final report.

Was raten Sie Wissenschaftlern, die sich am IPBES-Prozess beteiligen möchten?

I suggest scientists interested in the IPBES process to consider that this platform has not the aim to define new research topics or highlighting your own research interests but to work towards strengthening the science-policy interface at the regional, global and thematic level. The contribution from German scientists is not supported financially from the IPBES Secretariat.

Wo sehen Sie Verbesserungsbedarf in IPBES?

I consider the IPBES process to be very straight-forward, transparent and yet I don´t see further improvements.


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